In the world of hashtags: Let us make ‘YOU’ trending on your D-day!

Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated with Claret chimes! Weddings are not only a very important occasion in a family but also a very expensive affair. With too many rituals to follow and lot of arrangements to be made, it becomes arduous to manage everything single-handedly. From finalising venue to guest management, from arranging for catering to planning the decoration theme, it all requires time, patience and expertise. It is well understood that not many have the luxury of spending time to take care of all of this. Whydon’t you pass on all your worries and focus on ‘feel good, look good’ factor? Do you have a family wedding lined up in Lucknow? Just connect with us and see how we can help.

Celebrating Ehsaas!

Wedding is a complete life transforming event. The day gives immense pleasure as it brings unseen love and glory. It entails several integral events which needs great precision and groundwork. You can count on us to make your day remarkable. We will be delighted to be a part of your mesmerising endeavour.

Wedding Services

Home Decoration

Claret Chimes provides best decor management in the city. You may rely on us for making your home more beautiful and party ready!

Wedding Bands

Claret Chimes provides Wedding bands with awesome road lights and entertaining Band Walas who can electrify the crowd and create magic in air!

Wedding Music

To make your party rocking, we have special team of singers and DJ players who can enhance the ambiance with energy and positive vibes.

Wedding Catering

Claret Chimes provides one of the best Wedding catering services in the city where Taste meet Exclusiveness and Affordability. We simply work on one single funda – Your requirement, our pride!

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding is the new buzz and gaining immense popularity. We help you to make your wedding exclusive and classy with the concept of destination wedding. Which destination is on your mind?

Book Pandit Ji

We understand your religious sentiments and take the privilege to arrange experience, knowledgeable Purohit/Pandit for all your ritualistic needs. Now, Divinity is just a click away! Book your Purohit or Pandit with us!

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